Lists of tools and services, both digital and physical, that I use, enjoy and probably recommend.


I work with many software projects, but some of my favorites when I get to choose are these..


  • Obsidian Settled on this as my note-taking tool. Working on tool using OpenAI embeddings to fuzzy search it.
  • Arc Great browser. Don't know you need this until you try it.

Health and Fitness

  • MTNTough Started Jan '23 on their Bodyweight On-Ramp Program. Recently completed their 30-30 2.0 and Minimal Gear Foundation programs. Now doing their Minimal Gear Dailies (or MGDs). Challenging but so good. Pushing me past what I thought I could do.
  • Whoop Got this in February '23. Found it to be very insightful so far and an effective tool at encouraging healthier living.
  • Kreatures of Habit Been enjoying this as a healthy protein-rich breakfast since early 2023. UPDATE: Highly recommended, but I switched to making my own oatmeal with added protein powder for cost savings.
  • Human Improvement Protein Powder Been taking since early 2023. Like it so far, even if the main protein comes from crickets! UPDATE: I miss this stuff, favorite protein powder I've tried, but now using other cheaper options.
  • GORUCK Before starting the MTNTough programs most of my exercising over the past couple years was rucking. Really great gear and inspiring company.